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  • Only room’s host can add the other player(s)
  • You can add the players of the room with the button next to their login
  • The first button copies the EPIC name of the player
  • The second one adds the player directly through the official website
  • If several rules have the same amount of votes, rule B1 will be applied. Otherwise, the rule chosen by the votes will be applied.
  • The start distance is between 3 and 15 boards.
  • You can vote for the rule to be applied during the game (B1, B2, B3 - see below). You can find an agreement about the rules, if all the players agree. Be indulgent !



  • 7 minutes looting.
  • All weapons except explosive ones.
  • Bouncing grenades, plunger gun and jetpack forbidden.
  • Shield use is to be voted in the discussion room. If no agreement is found, shield use is forbidden.
  • Potion use is forbidden (unless specifically agreed by the players)
  • The players can chose the meeting point. If no agreement is found, Tilted Towers will be chosen. The alley between Big Ben and the truck often containing a chest will be the place of the build battle.
  • The start of the fight must be defined by all the players, at least 10 seconds before, via the chronometer.
  • The start position should be in rows, with a width of one board between the players, and not face to face.
  • It is forbidden to pick up a dead player’s loot.
  • Be kind, let them farm and loot up to 2 or 3 minutes.


  • Same as B1, but all weapons and gadgets are authorized.


  • No rules. ANARCHY ! !
Matchmaking for Builders

New features

  • CLAN !!! You can now go to BF discord and integrate BF clan !
  • For the best builders, integrate the BF ELITE section ! Buildfight.com publish all week in Buildfight Youtube channel a compilation video of best BF ELITE clan builders

Next features

  • Ranked system. Do you wanna compare your skills with others Builders ?!
  • Tournament Automatisation System | Free/Prize pool
  • Official BF Roster duo/squad !
  • Twitch live: Roster live / Staff Funny games

Patch Note

  • Bot discord Buildfight matchmaking: All discord server can add this bot to warn in a channel than a builder search a player in the website
  • Email bug correction: Before correction few email went to the internet limbo
  • Removal 2 v 2 and FFA modes
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Matchmaking for Builders